Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, Alabama

This weekend, Daniel and I explored Red Mountain Park, a 1,500 acre greenway and recreational area located in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Red Mountain isn’t a State Park, but rather it is owned and operated by the Red Mountain Greenway and Recreational Area Commission. The park is governed by the Commission board members, and is supported by a vibrant volunteer staff.

This was first visit the the park, and we were impressed overall. Upon entering the park, we were greeted by a ranger, who was very friendly and helpful. We were given a paper map, and went along our way. Our first stop was a giant treehouse that features an overview of the city of Birmingham. Despite it being a warm spring day, we were surprised the treehouse was not crowded; we were the only people there for several minutes.

Skyhigh Treehouse, Birmingham Alabama

Skyhigh Treehouse, Birmingham, Alabama

Along the trails, we found several remains of what was previously a mining community that dated back to the Civil War. Birmingham itself is known for its long history of producing iron and steel, and Red Mountain was an integral part of this. We explored the concrete remains of homes, company stores, and more.

One thing that sets Red Mountain apart for other trails is the vast Adventure area that includes ziplines, ropes courses, a climbing wall and more. Daniel and I didn’t get a chance to try the Adventures on this visit, but we plan to return again in the summer for this experience.

Goats at Red Mountain, Birmingham

The only small negative we encountered is that some trails aren’t marked well. We’re fairly experienced in navigating trails using maps and markers, but we found the markers at Red Mountain to be a bit difficult. We didn’t mind too much, as we were able to explore even more. However, we did meet one upset family who couldn’t find their way out. That being said, we’re not sure if the more difficult and interior trails can be recommended for those with small children or beginner hikers.
Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the park. We plan to return again this summer and try the zipline and climbing wall. This park is definitely worth a visit!